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≈  Tree Trimming and Thinning

The removal of branches over your roof and powerlines is of great importance for the safety of family and friends around your home. Tree Trimming and weight reduction reduces the leverage forces at point of attachment, thus making the tree safer, particulartly in times of storm and stong winds. 

Thinning and Trimming can also give you the added benefit of providing more sunlight to your yard and maintenance can assist in preserving the health and aesthetic look of your trees.

≈  Shaping and Hedging

Maintaining the asthetics of your yard can make an overall positive difference and can even increase your home value before a sale. We have long standing clients that we schedule in every year and make their yard pleasing and presentable for their visitors during the festive season.

≈  Land Clearing

Clearing of land is more often done to prepare a block before building commences.

≈  Palm Maintenance

Palms are cleaned at least once a year to take out the dying fronds and seed heads, which makes the palm look tidy and healthy. 

≈  Consultations

When you are unsure of the condition of a tree or not sure what should be done with a tree under certain circumstances we are happy to offer a consultation. If you choose to go ahead with any of the reccomendations then the consultation fee will be deducted.

≈  Pest, Disease Detection and Control

There are various pests and diseases that effect trees. 

If the attack is sustained or increases over a period of time then some intervention may be needed to eradicate the problem. A common disease that affects trees is caused by fungi. When there is the presence of a fungal attack to your tree, we can advise you on the best solution to the problem.

≈  Total Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

We remove trees for many reasons; for instance the tree may be dangerous, dead or dying, too close to structures or powerlines or in populated areas where the safety of  people and property may be comprimised. Sometimes customers simply are unhappy with the look of a tree or where it’s placed and would prefer to replace it with something more suitable.

We offer total tree removal so that you have the choice of paving, turfing or even growing new plants in place of the removed tree.

≈  Dead Wooding

Dead wooding a tree helps eliminate the risk of dropping branches on people and property. Dead wooding also makes the overall look of your tree aesthetically pleasing.

≈  Canopy Raising

Removing lower limbs in traffic areas, such as on footpaths, driveways and play areas provides safety and convenience, but also can give you that extra space and sunlight that you’re after, particularly in damp and dark areas of your yard.

≈  Emergency and Storm Damaged Trees

Storm Damaged Trees can have dead or broken branches that are hanging dangerously or need to be removed before they fall due to future winds or rain.

We can provide urgent attention to trees after strong winds, storms and flooding, to prevent any future accidents or to repair a much loved tree.

≈  Registered and Fully Insured

We are a registed business with an ABN and fully insured with Workers Compensation and $10,000,000 Liability Insurance.  

≈  Residential and Commercial

Our clientele include Real Estate Agents, Churches, Schools, Builders, Commercial Properties, Government Sites and Home Owners.

Our reputation rests on consistently providing a superior and dependable service at an honest and competitive price to a wide range of clients.


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